A Heart After God

  1. Dave Erickson:

    This book will give you a great look at the heart of God for us. What an awesome God we serve.

  2. E.L.:

    An excellent book that provides spiritual insights into biblical characters that you hadn’t seen before. Inspiring, challenging and thought provoking. This book will encourage you to a deeper devotion to God. Highly recommended!

  3. Dawn Simpson:

    I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book and enjoyed it. It was great to read specific books in the Bible and see how they compare to life now… Not much different! I hope to read more of Erin Wolff’s books in the near future.

  4. Rosie:

    I have recently finished reading A heart after God. Wow what a wonderful book. I learned things that I had often wondered about and it showed me how much God really loves us. I am so grateful for having read it and the blessing that I received at the time I needed it the most. Erin sent me this book because of a mistake that had been made but we all know there are no mistakes with God. He knows exactly what we need at the time that we need it. Thank you Erin for listening to His still small voice and following thru with sending me the treasure of your book. Looking forward to reading any new books that you are inspired to write. God bless you and your family and thank you again. Keep up the good work. Love Rosie McClurg

  5. Alli:

    I won a copy of this from a Goodreads contest and it is a good book which I have now shared with others. Wolf delves into specific stories in the Bible, helping you to understand them more fully, while at the same time interjecting personal stories from her own life or those around her. Often quoting other scripture to help narrate her teachings, I found myself reaching for my own Bible. Wolf uses Biblical stories to help us realize how God is waiting for us to follow Him, live a life more fully devoted to Him and to trust Him in all our ways.

  6. Karen E. Garcia:

    I was fortunate to win a free copy of this book in a Goodreads Contest and soon after reading a few pages I knew I was going to love it 🙂 Erin Wolff does an incredible job in helping understand the few stories in the bible she picked out. Within the book she shared her story as well as other people who through trouble time grew and become closer to God. As well as those who turn there backs on Him and the problems that came with that lifestyle. She teaches that even when we think we learned everything that God wanted us to learn, we eventually get thrown into events that prove otherwise. There is always something to learn and as long as we love, respect, listen, and follow God we will grow into the amazing people He knows we are capable in being and live a peaceful fulfilling life as a result. If you find yourself wanting to better know God or wanting to have a closer relationship with God do not hesitate to pick this book up, you will not be disappointed.

  7. Liz Linssen:

    Wolff provides some interesting spiritual insights which strengthened and inspired me in my relationship with God. I love that it’s firmly grounded in Scripture, down-to-earth and honest. I really enjoyed reading it and highly recommend it to others.

  8. Joanna:

    What a beautiful book! Erin is an excellent writer. Thank you for writing this book with so many amazing stories from the Bible. I can’t wait for the next one! God has truly given you a special gift. Also, I just listened to your radio interview on The Missy Ohe Show and that was really amazing! You helped make things so much clearer.

  9. Hannah:

    I relished my copy of “A Heart After God” and took my time ingesting each chapter. I love how she weaved the Bible passages right into our daily lives. The book challenged me to look deeper and pick apart Bible verses I’ve heard hundreds of times before to make them come alive in my own life. I had several ah-ha moments and could totally relate to what she was addressing. This book is a great read to help move beyond what the world says is ours and reach for what God has for us.

  10. Minister Connie Peterson:

    I just received and finished reading “A Heart After God”. It is well written and I find it very interesting that Jesus has encouraged me in similar ways using the same scriptures, as well as many others. I feel this book will be a great tool for helping marriage relationships because meditating on biblical stories with truth causes us to aspire to a higher level of understanding that is not a part of the world around us. God’s ways are higher than our ways…

  11. Deb:

    I just finished reading “A Heart After God” I found the comparison of the biblical characters, with whom we are so familiar with, to be very interesting and unique. I found myself throughout the book self examining my own character, asking the question, who was I most like? Abel or Cain? Mary or Martha, David or Saul? Or, do I find more of Gomer within me? Could I ever love with a heart like Hosea? Or, maybe I find a little piece of each of them within me. No matter the answer, it was the gentle and loving presentation of these people that left you relating to each and loving them all. This in itself is a true reflection of our loving God.

  12. Audrey:

    I have read “A Heart After God” two times and I could sit down and read it a third time and still get something from it. Reading this book is such a learning experience. Anyone getting married should read it before marriage; this book should be in prisons, jails, and treatment centers. “A Heart After God” really shows God’s Word for daily life and for the future. I got so much out of it!

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