Rory Wolff was born in northern Minnesota.  His wife, Erin was born in southern Minnesota.  Rory came to know the Lord when he was twelve years old.  Erin gave her heart to the Lord when she was three years old, but fell away as a teenager, only to come back to her first Love after meeting her soon to be husband, Rory.  In 2000, they were married, and four years later they had their first child, Joshua. They now have Joshua 17, Hezekiah 16, Simeon 15, Nehemiah 13, Justus 12, Benjamin 11, Hadassah 10, Malachi 8, Salome 7, Azariah 5, Israel 4, Ananias 1, and Judah.

Even before they were married they felt a call on their lives to be used by God.  They both desire to see the complete restoration of the Church.  They want to see the Spirit of God stirred within every believer, and to have them know who they are in Christ, and above all, for people to see themselves the way that God sees them.  They have a heart after God; a heart that cries out for the brokenhearted, the orphans, the fatherless, and the oppressed.  They desire revival to be brought to the Nations, to have all people fall on their faces before God Almighty and be set free from all that has them bound!  They want the sick healed, the dead raised, and every person’s gifts used for the Glory of God.  They desire for all to get to the Secret Places of the Most High!

Prophetically after having four boys, their precious daughter Justus was born in 2010, launching them into a whole new realm.  Two months after Justus was born, God gave Erin a dream that later turned into her first book entitled A Heart After God. Since that time, God has given both Rory and Erin other books, which they are now in the midst of writing, finishing, and soon publishing. Dreams, visions, and the leading of the Lord’s voice is bringing about further plans and knowledge of what the next few years and decades are going to contain, and what the Lord is calling them to accomplish.

They currently live in Northern Minnesota on a small, diversified farm.